Argentina’s natural appeal is undeniable and astoundingly varied, with rolling mountains giving way to deserts, from the thundering Iguazu Falls to Antarctic Patagonian landscapes. Grasslands feed the cattle that supplies the country’s legendary meat industry, while football, tango and artistic richness steer life in the cities. Argentina is considered by many to be a mix of European and South American cultures, which is nowhere more apparent than in the cosmopolitan capital of Buenos Aires, both in its aesthetics and its spirit, where porteños sit at outdoor cafes under the shade of tree-lined boulevards sipping on strong coffee and people watching.

Top Attractions

  • Explore the vibrant neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, including the historic district of San Telmo, the colorful La Boca, and the chic Recoleta, home to landmarks like the Obelisco and the Casa Rosada.
  • Discover the natural wonder of Iguazú Falls, one of the largest and most breathtaking waterfalls in the world, located on the border between Argentina and Brazil.
  • Visit the stunning landscapes of Patagonia, with its towering mountains, icy glaciers, and pristine lakes, offering opportunities for hiking, wildlife spotting, and adventure sports.
  • Explore the wine regions of Mendoza and Salta, where you can tour vineyards, sample world-class wines, and indulge in delicious Argentine cuisine.
  • Experience the rugged beauty of the Andes Mountains in the northwest, with its dramatic rock formations, colorful valleys, and traditional indigenous villages.

Local Cuisine

  • Indulge in the flavors of Argentine cuisine, known for its succulent meats, hearty stews, and delicious pastries.
  • Sample iconic dishes like asado (Argentine barbecue), empanadas (savory pastries filled with meat, cheese, or vegetables), and locro (a hearty stew made with corn, beans, and meat).
  • Try traditional Argentine cuts of beef like bife de chorizo (sirloin steak), entraña (skirt steak), and vacío (flank steak), cooked to perfection on the grill and served with chimichurri sauce.
  • Savor sweet treats like dulce de leche (caramelized milk spread), alfajores (shortbread cookies filled with dulce de leche), and medialunas (croissants), perfect for breakfast or dessert.
  • Wash it all down with a glass of Argentine Malbec, the country’s signature red wine, or a refreshing mate, a traditional herbal tea enjoyed throughout Argentina.

Outdoor Activities

  • Embark on a trekking adventure in the stunning landscapes of Patagonia, with options ranging from day hikes to multi-day expeditions to remote wilderness areas like Los Glaciares National Park and Torres del Paine National Park.
  • Go skiing or snowboarding in the Andean resorts of Bariloche, Mendoza, and Ushuaia, with excellent snow conditions and breathtaking mountain scenery.
  • Explore the rugged beauty of the Quebrada de Humahuaca in the northwest, with its colorful rock formations, ancient ruins, and traditional indigenous cultures.
  • Take a scenic drive along the iconic Ruta 40, one of the longest highways in the world, which traverses Argentina from north to south, passing through deserts, mountains, and valleys.
  • Discover the rich biodiversity of Argentina’s national parks and reserves, with opportunities for wildlife watching, birding, and nature photography in habitats ranging from rainforests to wetlands to grasslands.

Cultural Experiences

  • Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Argentina with visits to historic sites like the Jesuit Block and Estancias of Córdoba, the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Quebrada de Humahuaca, and the indigenous ruins of Quilmes.
  • Explore the vibrant arts and culture scene of Buenos Aires, with its world-class theaters, museums, and galleries showcasing Argentine and international artists.
  • Experience the passion and energy of Argentine tango with a dance lesson or a live performance in one of Buenos Aires’ many tango clubs and milongas.
  • Discover the traditions and customs of Argentina’s indigenous peoples with visits to communities like the Mapuche, Quechua, and Guarani, where you can learn about their languages, crafts, and way of life.
  • Participate in local festivals and celebrations, such as Carnival in Gualeguaychú, the National Grape Harvest Festival in Mendoza, and the Dia de la Tradición in San Antonio de Areco, to experience the vibrant culture and spirit of Argentina firsthand.

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