Antigua and Barbuda


Antigua and Barbuda, twin islands located in the heart of the Caribbean, are celebrated for their captivating beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture. Antigua, known as the “Land of 365 Beaches,” offers a beach for every day of the year, all boasting soft white sands and crystal-clear waters. Barbuda, quieter and less developed, is a haven for nature lovers with its renowned bird sanctuary and pristine pink sand beaches. These islands offer a unique blend of relaxing escapes and adventurous activities under the sun, making them perfect for both honeymooners and families.

Top Attractions

  • Nelson’s Dockyard: A beautifully restored 18th-century dockyard and a UNESCO World Heritage site in English Harbour that is steeped in naval history.
  • Stingray City: Interact with and feed friendly stingrays in their natural habitat in a safe and exhilarating environment.
  • Barbuda’s Frigate Bird Sanctuary: Accessible only by boat, this sanctuary is home to one of the largest colonies of frigate birds in the world.
  • Shirley Heights Lookout: This historical lookout offers spectacular views of English Harbour and is famous for its Sunday sunset parties featuring live music and barbecue.
  • Devil’s Bridge: A natural limestone arch formed by the crashing waves on the eastern coast of Antigua, surrounded by blowholes and spouting surf.

Local Cuisine

  • Fungee and Pepperpot: A local staple, fungee is a cornmeal dish similar to polenta, served with pepperpot, a hearty stew made with spinach, okra, and meat.
  • Ducana: Sweet potato dumplings wrapped in banana leaves, often paired with salted fish.
  • Conch: Prepared as fritters, curries, or salads, conch is a popular seafood that reflects the islands’ ocean-centric lifestyle.
  • Black Pineapple: Known as the sweetest pineapple in the world, it’s a must-try when visiting.
  • Rum Punch: Made with local rum and a mix of tropical juices, this drink is a refreshing choice to enjoy by the seaside.

Outdoor Activities

  • Sailing and Yachting: Host to Antigua Sailing Week, one of the top regattas in the world, the islands are a premier sailing and yachting destination.
  • Snorkeling and Scuba Diving: Explore the vibrant coral reefs and the myriad of marine life in the clear blue waters surrounding the islands.
  • Hiking: Discover the island’s lush landscapes by hiking the trails that lead to stunning vistas, such as the hike to Mount Obama, the highest point on Antigua.
  • Kitesurfing and Windsurfing: With consistent trade winds, the islands offer excellent conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing, particularly at Jabberwock Beach and Dutchman’s Bay.
  • Kayaking: Paddle through the mangrove inlets that dot the coastline or explore the serene waters of Barbuda’s lagoon.

Cultural Experiences

  • Carnival: Celebrated with great fanfare in July, Antigua’s Carnival features colorful parades, calypso music competitions, and dance performances that showcase the island’s cultural heritage.
  • Cricket Matches: Cricket is a significant part of local culture; visiting during a match can provide an exciting way to engage with the locals.
  • Historical Tours: Learn about the island’s rich history through tours of historical sites like Betty’s Hope, a restored sugar plantation.
  • Local Markets: Stroll through the bustling public market in St. John’s to purchase local spices, crafts, and souvenirs.

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